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Tomas O'Flaherty
2018-08-21 17:13:42
I met Alison at The Nottingham Pagan Pride Festival in Nottingham a short time ago, where she gave me a tarot card reading. I want to say here how impressed I was by her, her manner, friendliness, non-time watching to her overall energy all, was conducive to an excellent reading. And the reading itself was again very impressive, where it revealed my inner questions to my sought work path and made available promising developments in the future. I really enjoyed the session and have no hesitation in recommending Alison to anyone here reading this.
John Adams
2018-05-23 10:59:26
Was spot on with everything, went straight to the root of it, very positive reading Thank you
2018-05-20 23:26:05
A very talented lady and very positive reading i enjoyed it very much. Will have another reading next visit.
2017-10-24 17:18:00
I went with a open mind. But was very surprised and was blown away by Alisons beautiful reading it was a overwhelming reading.Thank you so much Alison
Simon Jones
2017-09-07 14:26:02
Very calming and welcoming environment. On listening to the recording again, makes alot more sense.
Anna Smith
2017-08-23 15:52:36
Where do I start ...
I visited Alison today ( 23/8/17) and was absolutely AMAZED with the connections that Alison made with my loved ones.
The words my loved ones said thru Alison took me right back to my childhood memories of being around them and gave me the opportunity to bring them memories to the front of my mind which are soo easily pushed to the back with every day life.
I was hoping my mum would connect with Alison and I was so happy when she did ... the validation and words that were gave to me meant more to me that anything on this planet.
Today I was given some much NEEDED personal information that makes me feel COMPLETE as a person and I can not THANK Alison enough for being able to obtain this for me.
Alison has given me advice and alot of insight to help me move forward with more peace in my heart and a clearer mind that everything WILL be ok ... today's visit gave me the opportunity to be close to my loved ones and i even managed to have a little laugh at them telling me off thru Alison ... šŸ™Š ... I could listen ALL day to Alison and feel completely at ease with any message received , I can not wait to see Alison again for readings and healing treatments.
*** highly recommended *** ... xXx
Christine Watson
2017-01-18 09:29:04
I have been seeing Alison for 4 years now. She is a talented medium and she has given me intuitive support and guidance. I find she lends peace of mind and gently guides you to a higher state of consciousness. She has also connected with one close family member who had passed and shared information that even I did not know but later found out to be true from other family members. I recommend Alison for helping in difficult times and for connecting to those passed on.
Christine Watson January 2017

Rachel Aitkens
2017-01-18 09:27:35
My first psychic experience with Alison I was amazed at how many things she said that were exactly spot on. Alison was a total stranger to me and the things she said were specific things that you just can't guess! I've had mediumship, intuitive readings & Crystal healing with Alison and they all have been wonderful experiences. Alison is gifted and compassionate and Iā€™m blessed that our paths crossed 2 years ago. I would highly recommend scheduling a session with her
Rachel Aitkens January 2017

Rita Spencer
2016-11-18 09:26:05
I have had several readings with Alison and I am always amazed at how accurate she is. She is very professional and always understanding. I have recommended her to my friends and family and will continue to do so. I always look forward to my readings. I have had readings with others and none have come even close to what she can see. I am glad to have met Alison she has such an amazing gift.
Rita Spencer November 2016
Sarah John
2016-10-18 09:30:48
I have been going to Alison for a few years now. The very first time I met her I found her to be extremely intuitive about my life. Her mediumship has been so true about the people that have passed that I am finding my own truth through her guidance. I love treating myself to her genuine gifts. She has given me hope and faith in my own path.
Sarah John October 2016
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