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Trust in Spirit Book
Welcome to  Reclaim Life and Transcend
I have written this book of the request of spirit as part of my spiritual journey
The book is all about spirit the title, the chapter names and all of the content has come from spirit.
I have scribed their words onto paper. Often not being aware of what i have scribed until later when i have transferred it to computer.
These have been some very interesting conversations with all kind of spirit that have been willing to be part of the book.
I have enjoyed learning all about a life in Spirit and preparation for a journey to spirit, I no longer fear the move from the human life to a spiritual life as I have greater understanding .
Its no wonder that we all seek a more spiritual path eventually as that is what we know before we are born and why i relish the spiritual connection, which we are all born with.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i have enjoyed writing it.
I have also written about my spiritual path from early years to current day.
You can purchase the book for £12.00 plus UK postage of 3.00 pound just click below
The book has its own  website so you can leave your feedback after you have read it.

Trust in Spirit Reclaim life and transcend

Spiritual book reclaim life & transcend

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